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    *This page opens 06 September 2023 at 08:01 and closes 30 November 2023 at 23:59.
    *Only a COMPLETED REGISTRATION and PROOF OF PAYMENT can secure your REGISTRATION if there is still space available.
    *Only ONE registration per valid student number will be allowed.
    *Please complete THOROUGHLY and CORRECTLY because necessary payment information will be e-mailed
    to the e-mail address entered in the registration process.
    *Please refer your all your ENQUIRIES directly to the relevant residence during office hours from Monday to Friday
    (excluding public holidays and University recess periods):

Bellatrix - 018 299 2841
Heimat - 018 299 2839 | 018 299 1531
Dinki - 018 285 2763
Villagers - 018 299 2838 | 018 299 1741
LaVaria - 018 299 4075 | 065 154 5700

What does registration at a town residence entail?

Register with a residence

Register to be part of a town residence and form part of the vibrant and organised student life on campus.

Get own accommodation

Registration with a town residence does NOT mean that physical accommodation is provided to students.

Be part of the family

Registerd students will be under the guidance of a House Parent and a House Committee.

A town residence functions exactly as a campus residence to the extent that students can participate in the full student life experience, such as sports, culture, community service (SRCS), current affairs, academic support, etc.

Although town residence students have their own private accommodation in Potchefstroom, the 5 town residences have offices and clubhouses on campus where students can meet. There are three ladies’ and two men’s town residences.

For more information, please visit the link below of the specific town residence website (Information under the “Facilities”-tab).

Ladies Town Residences


Places left: 0

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Places left: 76

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Places left: 176

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Mens Town Residences


Places left: 160

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Places left: 162

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Membership payment

All prospective town residence students must register online via the NWU website for the town residence of their choice and pay electronically (EFT) or via a direct bank deposit. You will immediately see on the website whether there is still space available in the town residence of your choice. PLEASE NOTE: There are only 350 applications per town residence that will be accepted. If your first choice is already full, we encourage you to apply at one of the other ladies’/men’s residences.

An amount of R400,00 (excluding residence clothing – payment of clothing and procurement will be handled separately) is payable to be registered as a member of a Town Residence and must be paid with an EFT or at your bank with a deposit. (Details will be emailed to the email address entered in the registration process). This registration fee is used for residence clothes, functions and other student activities.


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